Clause 19 Prohibition on Inducements and Inappropriate Payments and the Provision of Items to Health Professionals and Other Relevant Decision Makers

Clause 19


(18.1) No gift, pecuniary advantage or benefit may be supplied, offered or promised to health professionals or to other relevant decision makers in connection with the promotion of medicines or as an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell any medicine, subject to the provisions of Clauses 10.4 and 19.2.


(18.2) Health professionals may be provided with materials and items for patient support which are to be passed on to patients, the details of which must be appropriately documented and certified in advance as required by Clause 8.3.

The items provided must be inexpensive and directly benefit patient care. They may bear the name of the company providing them but must not be product branded, unless the name of the medicine is essential for the correct use of the item by the patient. Items must not be given out from exhibition stands. They must not be given to administrative staff unless they are to be passed on to a health professional.

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