AUTH/3752/3/23 - PMCPA Director/Media v Novo Nordisk

Articles in The Observer regarding Novo Nordisk

  • Received
    13 March 2023
  • Case number
  • Applicable Code year
  • Completed
    01 November 2023
  • No breach Clause(s)
  • Additional sanctions
  • Appeal
    No appeal

Case Summary

This case was in relation to allegations made in five articles about the use of semaglutide for weight loss, which were critical of Novo Nordisk and the activities and behaviours of named individuals and organisations.

Noting the Code only applied to the conduct of pharmaceutical companies, and that the Panel was only concerned with the activities of Novo Nordisk that came within the scope of the Code, it ruled no breach of the following Clauses of the 2021 Code:

No Breach of Clause 2

Requirement that activities or materials must not bring discredit upon, or reduce confidence in, the pharmaceutical industry

No Breach of Clause 5.1 (x2)

Requirement to maintain high standards

No Breach of Clause 6.1

Requirement that claims/information/comparisons must not be misleading

No Breach of Clause 14.4

Requirement that claims should not imply that a medicine or an active ingredient has some special merit, quality or property unless this can be substantiated

No Breach of Clause 19.1

Requirement that no gift, pecuniary advantage or benefit may be supplied, offered or promised to health professionals or to other relevant decision makers in connection with the promotion of medicines or as an inducement

No Breach of Clause 23.2

Requirement that donations to healthcare organisations do not constitute an inducement

No Breach of Clause 24.2 (x3)

Requirement for arrangements which cover genuine consultancy or other services to fulfil the criteria set out in Clause 24.2

No Breach of Clause 24.3 (x2)

Requirement, among other things, that contracted services must not constitute an inducement

No Breach of Clause 27.1

Requirements for interactions with patient organisations or any user organisations

No Breach of Clause 27.2

Requirements for the written agreement when providing donations, grants or sponsorship to patient organisations.

No Breach of Clause 27.5

Requirements for contracted services with patient organisations or individuals representing patient organisations

This summary is not intended to be read in isolation.
For full details, please see the full case report below.