Clause 30 Annual Public Disclosure of Contracted Services Provided by the Public, Including Patients and Journalists

Clause 30



(New Clause) Companies must make publicly available annually details of the fees for certain contracted services paid to members of the UK public, including patients and journalists. These services include speaking at meetings, assistance with training, writing articles and/or publications, participating in advisory boards, advising on the design etc of clinical trials and participating in market research where such participation involves remuneration and/or travel.

The disclosure for contracted services provided by members of the public, in accordance with Clause 24, must include:

• the total number of members of the public, including patients and journalists contracted to perform services and the total amount paid per calendar year, and a description of the types of services provided that is sufficiently complete to enable the reader to understand the nature of the services provided without the necessity to divulge confidential information

• companies should provide a breakdown of the total payments to each group of individuals, ie the public, patients and journalists without the necessity to divulge confidential information

• fees and expenses should be disclosed separately.

Each company must include a note summarising the methodologies used by it in preparing the disclosures and identifying support and services provided.

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