Clause 21 - Relationships and Contracts with Certain Organisations


Clause 21 Relationships and Contracts with Certain Organisations

Contracts between companies and institutions, organisations or associations of health professionals under which such institutions, organisations or associations provide any type of services on behalf of companies (or any other type of funding by the company
not otherwise covered by the Code) are only allowed if such services (or other funding):

  • comply with Clause 19.1 or are provided for the purpose of supporting research
  • do not constitute an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell any medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies must publicly disclose details of transfers of value made to such institutions, organisations or associations.


  • Clause 21 Disclosure

    The information required by Clause 21 must be publicly disclosed in relation to transfers of value made in 2015 and each calendar year thereafter, giving in each case the financial amount or value and the name of the recipient institution, organisation or association.

    Fees and agreed expenses should be disclosed separately.

    Disclosure must be carried out in accordance with Clause 24.

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