If a template has been certified for employees to complete certain fields eg an invitation to a meeting in the UK where date, venue etc needs to be added, does the final form of each invitation need to be certified prior to issue?

  • 14.1

    14.1 Promotional material must not be issued unless its final form, to which no subsequent amendments will be made, has been certified by one person on behalf of the company in the manner provided for by this clause, subject to the provisions of the supplementary information to this clause where relevant. This person must be a registered medical practitioner or a pharmacist registered in the UK or alternatively, in the case of a product for dental use only, a UK registered dentist.

    The person certifying on behalf of the company must not be the person responsible for developing or drawing up the material.

If a company provides a list of approved venues, and the only other information to be added is a date then it is likely to be acceptable not to certify the final form of each invitation. If however the agenda can be amended this could require further examination or even certification, depending on the wording added.