AUTH/3697/10/22 - Complainant v AstraZeneca

Presentations about influenza vaccination

  • Received
    14 October 2022
  • Case number
  • Applicable Code year
  • Completed
    28 September 2023
  • No breach Clause(s)
  • Additional sanctions
  • Appeal
    No appeal

Case Summary

This case was in relation to presentations at an AstraZeneca sponsored symposium.

The Panel ruled no breach of the following Clauses of the 2021 Code on the basis that:
• within the context of the presentation the speaker’s comment ‘mismatch of the vaccine’ was not inaccurate, incapable of substantiation, did not create a misleading impression and the general nature of the speaker’s comments was such that the phrase in question did not disparage any pharmaceutical company or flu vaccines, and
• the complainant had not established that the presentations had not been copy approved or that the alleged misleading and unsubstantiated comments resulted from a failure, on AstraZeneca’s part, to brief the speaker appropriately.


No Breach of Clause 6.1

Requirement that information must be accurate, up-to-date and not misleading

No Breach of Clause 6.6

Requirement that another company’s medicines must not be disparaged

No Breach of Clause 8.1

Requirement to certify promotional material

No Breach of Clause 9.1

Requirement that all relevant personnel concerned with the preparation or approval of material or activities covered by the Code must be fully conversant with the Code and the relevant laws and regulations

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For full details, please see the full case report below.