AUTH/3666/6/22 - Complainant v Daiichi Sankyo

Concerns about an article published in the Health Service Journal (HSJ)

  • Received
    27 June 2022
  • Case number
  • Applicable Code year
  • Completed
    02 June 2023
  • No breach Clause(s)
  • Breach Clause(s)
  • Sanctions applied
    Undertaking received
  • Additional sanctions
  • Appeal
    No appeal

Case Summary

This case was in relation to the alleged disguised promotion by Daiichi Sankyo UK Limited in the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

The Panel ruled a breach of the following Clauses of the 2019 Code as the fact the author was a senior employee of Daiichi-Sankyo should have appeared at the top of the article so that readers were aware of the extent of the company’s involvement from the outset:

Breach of Clause 9.10

Failing to be sufficiently clear as to the company’s role and involvement

Breach of Clause 9.1

Failing to maintain high standards


The Panel ruled no breach of the following Clauses of the 2019 Code because it did not consider that the complainant had established that:

• the article promoted a specific Daiichi Sankyo medicine
• Daiichi Sankyo’s compliance understanding, framework and application were severely poor as seen by the raft of breaches on a regular basis or that the compliance knowledge had serious gaps or that the compliance responsibilities and accountabilities were not improving as alleged

No Breach of Clause 12.1

Requirement that promotional material and activities must not be disguised

No Breach of Clause 14.1

Requirement to certify promotional material

No Breach of Clause 9.1


Requirement to maintain high standards

No Breach of Clause 2


Requirement that activities or material must not bring discredit upon, or reduce confidence in, the pharmaceutical industry 

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For full details, please see the full case report below.