Consultation on proposed changes to 2021 Code

Welcome to the ABPI Consultation on the proposed 2024 ABPI Code and revised Constitution and Procedure that is public and open to all, please respond by 29 February 2024

The overall aim of updating the ABPI Code is to support high quality compliance decisions and to ensure that the Code remains relevant, effective and fit for the future, whilst continuing to support high standards in patient care and a positive reputation for industry. The ABPI and PMCPA welcome and value feedback from across the healthcare and other interested sectors and believe this will help to ensure the ABPI Code and self-regulation remain strong and effective. Every effort has been made to ensure that the proposal is of a high standard, however we welcome the identification of any error or inconsistency, however trivial it might seem.

Proposed changes and how to respond to the consultation:

We would encourage you to collate your comments outside of the respective MS Form and when ready to submit your full response, copy your comments into the respective section of each Form and, where possible, submit one response per organisation.


All submissions and suggestions will be reviewed and considered in the development of the final version of the 2024 ABPI Code. This will then be provided to the ABPI Board together with an anonymised summary of the comments. The ABPI Board will agree the final proposals which will then be considered at a general meeting of ABPI Members for approval. 

For this consultation we will not publish the personal data of any respondents to the consultation.  However, please be mindful not to share any information in your response which you would not be happy for us to make publicly available.  For more information on how your data is processed, please refer to our privacy policy.

Once approved, the 2024 Code will be published in Q2 2024 and will come into force three months after publication date.