Clause 6 - Journal Advertising


6.1 No issue of a print journal may bear advertising for a particular product on more than two pages. 

  • Clause 6.1 Printed Advertisements

    A two page journal advertisement is one where the pages follow on without interruption by intervening editorial text or other copy. Thus, for example, promotional material on two successive right hand pages cannot be a single advertisement. Each such page would need to be treated as a separate advertisement for the purposes of prescribing information.

    Similarly, if promotional material appears on the outer edges of the left and right hand pages of a double page spread, and the promotional material is separated by intervening editorial matter, then again each page would need to be treated as a separate advertisement.

  • Clause 6.1 Limitations on Number of Pages of Print Advertising

    6.1 Advertisements taking the form of inserts, whether loose or bound in, count towards the two pages allowed by Clause 6.1. An insert printed on both sides counts as two pages. A summary of product characteristics is permitted as an insert in addition to the two pages of advertising which is allowed. Inserts and supplements to print journals which are not advertisements as such, though they may be regarded as promotional material, for example reports of conference proceedings, are not subject to the restrictions of Clauses 6.1 and 6.3.

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6.2 Where the pages of a two page print advertisement are not facing or where a digital advertisement is made up of a number of screens, no page or screen must be false or misleading when read in isolation.

6.3 No advertisement taking the form of a loose insert in a print journal may consist of more than a single sheet of a size no larger than the page size of the journal itself, printed on one or both sides.