PMCPA Social Media Guidance 2023

The PMCPA ran two webinars in February 2023 to help pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders understand this new guidance.   See PMCPA press release for further details.

The recordings and a copy of the slides used are provided below. 

Q & A's on social media are now published 



Part 1 - Introduction by Alex Fell, Director, PMCPA and Claire Tilstone, Head of Advertising, MHRA.

Alex Fell, Director, PMCPA, and Claire Tilstone, MHRA open the PMCPA Social Media Guidance 2023 Webinar.

Running order:

00.04. Opening and thanks to contributors
00.42. Welcome and agenda
03:43. Introducing speakers
04:24. Welcome from Claire Tilstone
07:49. Alex Fell talks about social media
09:35. Introduction to the guidance
10:45. Note about case studies
11.32. Handover to Tannyth Cox, Deputy Director, PMCPA.


Part 2 - Tannyth Cox, Deputy Director, PMCPA

Tannyth provides insight into the PMCPA Social Media Guidance 2023.

Running order:

0:03. Context slide
0:06. Introduction by Alex Fell, Director PMCPA
0:19. Introduction
0:27. Principles
0:53. Key questions to consider before carrying out any social media activity
1:30. Principles: Transparency
2:10. Cases AUTH/3349/5/20 and AUTH/3350/5/20
4:01. Principles: Responsibility
5:20. Case AUTH/2921/12/16
6:50. Contracts with third parties should cover in detail the governance of the activity
7:56. Cases AUTH/3349/5/20 and AUTH/3350/5/20
8:50. Case AUTH/3226/7/19
10:15. Case AUTH/3226/7/19 Appeal
10:56. Case AUTH/3583/11/21
12:34. Case AUTH/3583/11/21 Appeal
13:40. Principles: Responsibility
15:04. Case AUTH/3533/7/21
18:01. Principles: Responsibility
20:14. Case AUTH/3444/12/20
21:43. Case AUTH/3405/10/20
22:28. Overarching considerations
22:46. Considerations: Pharmacovigilance
24:01. Considerations: Law, Regs, Code
30:47. Guidance - handover to Natalie Whittle, Manager, PMCPA.


Part 3 by Natalie Whittle, Manager, PMCPA

Natalie provides insight into the PMCPA Social Media Guidance 2023.

Running order:

0:03. Context slide
0:05. Handover from Tannyth Cox, Deputy Director, PMCPA
0:24. Guidance
0:40. Links
1:22. Case AUTH/3438/12/20
2:08. Mentioning other accounts & tagging
3:03. Case AUTH/3431/11/20
6:13. Hashtags (#)
7:18. Case AUTH/3431/11/20
9:37. Correcting factual inaccuracies
12:06. Posting/Sharing/Re-sharing
13:22. Case AUTH/3167/2/19
14:14. Case AUTH 3248/9/19
15:57. Case AUTH/3579/11/21
18:28. Signposting vs Posting/Sharing/Re-sharing
19:24. Meeting Advertisements
20:42. Case AUTH/3361/6/20
22:19. Case AUTH/3393/10/20
23:28 Product and Pipeline Milestones
26:05. Case AUTH/3434/12/20
27:11. Corporate News and Announcements
27:39. Professional Profiles and Job Advertising
29:18. Case AUTH/3410/10/20
29:54. Case AUTH/3476/2/21
30:39. Disease Awareness for the Public
31:35. Case AUTH/3162/2/19
32:21. Case AUTH/3428/11/20
33:04. Patient Support
34:08. Working with Social Media Influencers
35:47. Promotion to Health Professionals and other Relevant Decision Makers (ORDMs)
37:10. Clinical Trial Recruitment

38:54. Q&A - Handback to Alex Fell, Director, PMCPA


PowerPoint slides

Download the PDF of the slides