When a conflict of requirements in different country codes happens the most stringent is always applied. Where is this set out in the ABPI Code and are there any situations where this is not so?

The supplementary information to Clause 3.4. paragraph 1 states, that 'Compliance with all applicable codes, laws and regulations to which a pharmaceutical company is subject is particularly relevant when activities/materials involve more than one country or when a company based in one country is involved in activities in another country.' There is a potential exemption with respect to subsistence limits in European countries where the national association is a member of The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations. In such circumstances, the subsistence limits of the host country code would apply. Note: If a scientific event is being held in the UK, the UK limit of a maximum of £75 plus VAT and gratuities applies in certain circumstances however there are some countries where this may not be compliant with their applicable codes, laws and regulations. Where applicable, companies should liaise with the affiliates of the attendees and ensure arrangements are suitable for all health professional attendees.