Can a pharmaceutical company provide pens/ pencils and notepads with clinical trial materials? If so, can they bear the name of the trial as well as, or instead of, the company?

Pens/ pencils and Notepads can be provided with clinical trial materials. They should not be provided on an ad hoc basis. It could be argued that such materials are not promotional because they are not provided for a promotional purpose. They must not be provided by a representative. Bearing in mind the spirit of the Code, it might be best to follow Clause 10.4. Thus the pens/pencils and notepads should not bear the name of the trial but could bear the name of the company providing them. They should not bear the name of a medicine or any information about medicines. The total cost of the items provided to an individual recipient must not exceed £6, excluding VAT. The perceived value to the recipient must be similar.