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In each case where a breach of the Code is ruled, the company concerned must give an undertaking that the practice in question has ceased forthwith and that all possible steps have been taken to avoid a similar breach in the future. An undertaking must be accompanied by details of the action taken to implement the ruling. At the conclusion of a case, a detailed case report is published.
Additional sanctions can also be imposed. These can include:
  • the carrying out by the PMCPA of an audit of a company‚Äôs procedures to comply with the Code. This can possibly be followed by a requirement that promotional material be submitted to the PMCPA for pre-vetting for a specified period
  • requiring the company to take steps to recover items from those to whom they have been given
  • requiring the company to issue a corrective statement
  • a public reprimand
  • suspension or expulsion from membership of the ABPI.
The PMCPA advertises in the medical and pharmaceutical press
brief details of all cases where companies are ruled in breach of Clause 2 of the Code, are required to issue a corrective statement or are the subject of a public reprimand. Advertisements are also published on this website.