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Sponsorship to attend meetings

​Sponsorship of health professionals to attend meetings is subject to the Code and is covered in Clause 22. Sponsorship to attend meetings at venues outside the UK is acceptable in appropriate circumstances. In particular, the level of the hospitality to be provided and the nature of the venue are among the factors to be considered.
Problems may arise for companies with company-sponsored events held outside the UK. In particular, those which have been organised by a part of the company other than that which operates in the UK, but to which, from a corporate perspective, the UK company is expected to sponsor UK health professionals to attend. Companies must ensure that their international/European colleagues are aware of the requirements of the Code in this regard. Before sponsoring attendance at such meetings UK companies must ensure that all of the arrangements for the UK health professionals to attend comply with the Code. 
Companies are reminded that the cost of sponsoring health professionals to attend events must be publicly disclosed (Clauses 22.5 and 24 refer).