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Third party service providers, ABPI membership and the Code

​​Event management companies, public relations agencies and compliance consultants can be general affiliate members of the ABPI, however this is not a prerequisite for gaining business from pharmaceutical companies or proof of adherence and knowledge of the Code.
Pharmaceutical companies want service providers to be familiar with the requirements of the Code particularly as Clause 16 requires all relevant personnel, including third parties, to be fully conversant with the Code and relevant laws and regulations. However there is not a requirement under the Code for such companies to become members of the ABPI.

The Authority has considered cases whereby a third party engaged by a pharmaceutical company engaged a subcontractor to do some of the work in question. The subcontractor in turn engaged a further subcontractor to do some additional work on the project. Companies must be alert to this possibility and ensure that their policies and procedures address potential subcontracting. Companies will be held responsible under the Code for all third parties which undertake work on their behalf, whether engaged directly or indirectly.