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The Code of Practice Appeal Board 2018

​​​​​​A complainant whose complaint has been rejected, or a company ruled in breach of the Code, may appeal the Panel's decision to the Code of Practice Appeal Board. The Panel may also report a company to the Appeal Board whose conduct in relation to the Code, in a particular case or because of repeated breaches of the Code, raises concerns about the company's procedures. In some cases a company may be required to suspend the material or activity at issue pending the outcome of an appeal.
The Appeal Board consists of an independent, legally qualified, chairman and eight other independent members. There are also eight senior executives from pharmaceutical companies. The Appeal Board always sits with a majority of independent members. Further details are available in the PMCPA Constitution and Procedure (see link).
In addition to its role in relation to appeals, the Appeal Board receives reports on all cases considered by the Panel and oversees its work.
Current members of the Code of Practice Appeal Board are: 


Mr William Harbage QC


Mrs N Duke (Nurse Prescriber)

Dr H Freeman MBE (General Practitioner)

Mr C Goard (Representing patients' interests)

Mrs G Hawken (Lay)

Dr A Hawkridge (General Practitioner)

Dr J Watkins (Hospital Consultant)

Mr A White (Independent body involved in providing information on medicines)



Dr F Catterall (Compliance Officer for the UK, Ireland and Nordics, Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Mr S Rose (Managing Director, Merz Pharma, UK Ltd)

Dr R Rowsell (Recently retired - Previously Promotional Affairs & Medical Excellence Director, AstraZeneca PLC)

Dr M Sampson (Vice President, Medical Affairs, Shield Therapeutics Limited)

Dr M Toms (Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis UK)



Mrs M G Baker MBE (Representing patients' interests)

Mrs A M Cherry (Nurse Prescriber)

Professor F D R Hobbs (University Academic/General Practitioner)

Professor P Hutton (Hospital Consultant)

Mr A Reid (Lay)

Mrs L J Stone OBE (Pharmacist)

Professor S R Chapman (Independent body involved in providing information on medicines)


Dr S Bews (Recently retired - previously Medical Director, Astellas Pharma Ltd)

Dr B Phillips, (Medical Director, Pfizer UK Limited)

Dr S Dollow (Chief Executive and Founder, Vermilion Life Sciences)

Mr D Hope (Sales and Marketing Director, Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Dr S Kolli (Medical Director, Leo Pharma UK)

Mr J Russell (Eli Lilly and Company Limited)

Dr P Schofield (Medical Director, Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Dr Karen Mullen (Dr Karen Mullen, Country Medical Director UK and Ireland, GlaxoSmithKline Limited)